About us

Apartmento creates beautifully designed, precision manufactured contemporary furniture for a discerning clientele whose expectations of quality surpass the everyday.

Core to Apartmento's philosophy is the belief that beauty and quality can, and should, be reflected in our surroundings. The furniture we live with reflects our personality and can provide comfort and respite from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

Apartmento furniture will last a lifetime and beyond. Its build quality is as renowned as its functional beauty and it will sit just as well in a truly contemporary space as a more traditional home. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand Apartmento furniture is an international class product right here at your doorstep.


The Apartmento brand started in 1994 as a retailer of interior accessories and imported French furniture. Throughout the nineties, the emphasis moved steadily towards furniture. The previous owner began by importing Canadian and Australian furniture and, frustrated at the fussy designs then available, began designing his own furniture to sell under the Apartmento name. This led to current owner, Stuart Bowman, joining the company in early 2000. As a designer and craftsman, Stuart drove a tighter furniture focus and established Apartmento's vertically integrated structure (design-manufacture-retail).

Nearly all Apartmento furniture is designed and manufactured in-house, giving the company unprecedented control over all aspects of the process. For Stuart, this was the only way to satisfy his creative ideals without compromising on quality or design.

Stuart Bowman

Stuart completed his Bachelor of Product Design before moving to Sydney where he lived for 10 years. He worked as Philips' in-house designer before joining KWA Design Group as managing partner, working with international brands such as Nokia and Philips. Stuart returned to New Zealand in 1997 and established a factory to manufacture his own furniture designs. This led to a partnership with Apartmento and his eventual acquisition of the whole company.

Stuart remains actively involved in the business and continues to design all new Apartmento pieces.