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Conditions of Sale: between Apartmento Contemporary Furniture Ltd ("Apartmento") and the Customer ("the Client")

  1. Where the goods ordered are ordered from a catalogue, visual representation (including one-off specific client design) and/or shop model they will be manufactured in accordance with the design specifications of that catalogue item or as set out above.

  2. Manufacture of the goods ordered will commence when this quotation becomes an order i.e. when (a) the client confirms acceptance of this quotation by paying a deposit on the goods ordered.

  3. Notification of any design modifications or change in specifications made by the client must be received by Apartmento within 4 days of the client's acceptance of this quotation. Where modifications are made within that time Apartmento will use its best endeavours to follow such modifications but accepts no responsibility for its translation of any aesthetic component contained in them.

  4. Any additional costs resulting from any design modifications made in accordance with (3) above will be the responsibility of the client.

  5. Cancellation of any order by the client for any reason whatsoever will result in forfeiture of the deposit paid.

  6. Apartmento will endeavour to complete the order as close as possible to the estimated delivery date shown above. Apartmento can not guarantee the delivery date as the goods ordered are being custom made for the client and Apartmento can be delayed by the late delivery of essential materials from other suppliers.

  7. Balance of the quoted price is due for payment prior to delivery. Delivery will be at the cost of the client.

  8. Legal title to the goods will not pass to the client until the order has been paid in full.